Finding Hope - Part 2: Hope for Your Family (Matthew 1:1-17) The are certainly better ways to grab a potential reader's attention that what Matthew did in Chapter 1. He essentially begins with a long list of names that seem to go on forever. But he wasn't going for really cool intro to a riveting best seller. His audience would essentially consist of skeptical Jews who needed to see the lineage of where this Jesus character came from. To that end, the opening pages of the book of Matthew was exactly the kind of intro it needed. Of course, within this list of sometimes unpronounceable names are some familiar ones, like Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Ruth, King David and Joseph. But there are also some unexpected names, like Rahab, who was known to be a harlot. The point was that Jesus came from people just like us. Not everyone was spotless within his family tree. Yet all were important enough to be listed. Who have you “written off” and stopped inviting to church or stopped praying for because you think they’ll never come to God?
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