Bringing closure to the seven part series Killing the Spider, husband and wife team Katherine and Jay Wolf (Hope Heals) bring an incredibly emotional message of hope when all seems lost.

Anger is one of the most common reactions to events that bring chaos and pain into our lives. In 2008, Katherine experienced a life-threatening brain stem stroke just months after giving birth to their first son. What followed was a series of miracles that allowed her to live, but ended any chance of following the plans they were going to pursue. Instead of a new career in Law for Jay, and the hopes of making it big as a model in LA for Katherine, the family would instead spend the majority of their lives learning to lean on God for their every need.

Katherine and Jay share some very intimate stories of their journey that is still far from over. Northgate is very honored to have them as guest speakers for the Killing the Spider series.

Message given by Jay and Katherine Wolf. 


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