Reflections on 2006 The end of each year provides a natural opportunity to reflect on the experiences, the lessons learned, and the ways in which God has demonstrated His faithfulness over the past twelve months. It's also an excellent opportunity to think about our hope, our dreams, and our goals for the future. "Reflections On 2006", will be the theme of this Sunday mornings' gatherings as together we remember God's faithfulness and renew our hope in His work in our lives
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He Will Be Called "The Prince of Peace" In the next few days frazzled shoppers will be scrambling for last-minute gifts, airports will be crowded with anxious travelers and the freeways will be jammed with impatient drivers -All in the name of Holiday Celebration. Into the busyness and the frenzied pace of our lives God offers peace, quietness and contentment. The question is, are we listening? "The Prince of Peace", this weekend's study concludes our Christmas series, "He Will Be Called...", with a look at how God has brought us His gift of peace and how we can experience it's power through every circumstance of life.
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He Will Be Called "Everlasting Father" Everyone wants to belong. It is one of the great desires of the human soul to be loved and accepted, to matter to someone. The good news of Christmas is, "You do!" You matter to God as His dearly loved child. "Everlasting Father", this weekend's message continues our Christmas series, "He Will Be Called...", with a look at God's gift of belonging.
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He Will Be Called "Mighty God" In a world that's consumed with upward mobility and personal advancement, Jesus' words and his example give us a completely different perspective on living. His kingdom is not based in political power nor brute force. In Jesus, Mighty God of the universe humbly took on human skin, a helpless little baby. And the world has never been the same. Our Christmas series, "He Will Be Called...", continues this weekend with, "Mighty God", a look at how the power and strength of God is released in our lives when we simply learn to give up control.
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He Will Be Called "Wonderful, Counselor" At the birth of every baby one of the first questions asked is, "What's his name?" or, "What did you name her?" For the rest of his or her life that name will be associated with that person and, in some cases, become the defining essence of their existence. "Wonderful Counselor", this Sunday's message begins our Christmas series, "He Will Be Called..." with a look at the different names attributed to Jesus and how each can be fulfilled and experienced in our lives today.
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Tom Eggum - Hope 4 Kids International Tom Eggum, Founder and President of Hope 4 Kids International, was our guest speaker. Every year Tom brings us a challenging message that results in people signing up to travel with him to global locations where needy children receive compassionate ministry. Tom's visit this year was especially meaningful as 3 "Northgators" returned this week with Tom from Uganda. They included Pastor Ken Jensen, Cheryl Goodman and Donna Parker.
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Thanksgiving Day Service 2006 Special message for Thanksgiving day from Pastor Jeff Stewart.
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Lord of Heaven and Earth At Northgate Christian Fellowship, we do our best to teach the Godly principles found in the bible in applicable and relevant ways. But there are those times when we read something in the bible, where it becomes difficult to say: "This is what this means and this is what you should do." This is especially true when we simply ponder the full essence of who God is. That is what we will do this weekend in the message: "Lord of Heaven and Earth." Be ready, because there's plenty in such pondering that will challenge your life for the good.
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Say Grace If you're not in the habit of doing this, you've probably been at a meal where it has been done. Before those who've gathered begin to eat, someone offers to "Say Grace". It's a time where everyone stops what they're doing and listens to the person praying thank God for the food that all will enjoy. As we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, most of us pause and reflect on the good things we have. This week's message "Say Grace" challenges us to ponder what life would be like without all God has given to us and how humbly dependent we are on his provision.
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Rediscovering Servanthood There are few things more gratifying than knowing that you've made a difference. People will often give up their own comfort and make sacrifices of their time and energy if they know that it is going to tangibly help someone else. The great surprise is, that in bettering others we also become better. "Rediscovering Servanthood", this Sunday's message continues our series of studies, "Rediscovering Church" with a look at the positive impact generosity and compassion can have in the lives of others and in ourselves.
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Rediscovering Church What comes to mind when you hear the word "church"? The answers are probably as different as our own, personal experience. As a whole, the church has been involved in a lot of good in this world and, unfortunately, has also made its share of mistakes. Because the church is made up of people it will always be subject to human weakness but, by the power of God, it also holds onto the hope of transformation. "Rediscovering Church", this Sunday's message will look at the core values that define the church at it's best.
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Opening Doors Opportunities are sometimes described as "open doors". If someone is easily accessible they're said to have an "open door policy". But doors also carry a bit of risk. We're never really sure what lies on the other side of the door. That's where faith comes in. "Opening Doors", this weekend's message, will look at the accessibility, the opportunities and the steps of faith that are needed to enter into the life God has offered us.
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The Detours of Uncertainty Pastor Jeff Stewart delivers an insightful message based on Psalm 103:13-19. With just two weeks to go before moving to our new building, Pastor Jeff encourages us to be grounded in hope during uncertain times.
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Suburban Spirituality Part 4: Life Outside the Comfort Zone Part 4 in the series of messages by Ken Jensen in his series Suburban Spirituality. Entitled "Life Outside the Comfort Zone", this message centers around Hebrews 12:1-3. "God has called us, not to comfort and ease, but to adventure, purpose and meaning."
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Suburban Spirituality Part 3: Growing Through Your Disappointment Pastor Ken Jensen continues his Suburban Spirituality series with part 3, entitled Growing Through Your Disappointments. This message is based on Romans 8:18-39. "Disappointment, set-backs and frustration... you can't escape then but you can grow through them."
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Suburban Spirituality Part 2: Life's Too Short Pastor Ken Jensen brings the second in his series on Suburban Spirituality entitled Life's Too Short. Based on James 4:13-15, Ken shows how God never intended for our busy work life to replace Him in our lives.
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Suburban Spirituality Part 1: Be Careful What You Ask For Pastor Ken Jensen begins a new series entitled Suburban Spirituality. Today's message is Part 1: Be Careful What You Wish For. The intent is to help us move from a consumeristic world view to one of being contented, based on Matthew 5:13-16, 6:19-21 and 25-34.
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The Cultures We're Trying to Reach Pastor Jeff Stewart's message begins with a 'Granny Rap' video, and then goes on to use illustrations from the scriptures to show why we should never give up on others just because they are different.
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Relinquishing Reputation Pastor Jeff Stewart presents a message centered on missions and service. Included in this podcast of the service are powerful testimonies from six Northgate members who have recently traveled to other countries on missions trips.
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Turning Points: Part 4 The Amazing Power of Grace This is the fourth message from Pastor Ken Jensen in his series entitled Turning Points. The theme of Grace is highlighted with the examples from Luke 7 where a sinful woman washes Jesus' feet with her tears and Jesus then admonishes his host's ungrateful heart with the story of a man forgiven a great debt.
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Turning Points: Part 3 Before and After Pastor Ken Jensen uses Mark 4:26 to illustrate how we can plant spiritual seeds in another's life. Jesus' story of the growing seed is a reminder to us all that spiritual cultivation takes time.
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Turning Points: Part 2 Lost and Found Part 2 in Pastor Ken Jensen's series entitled Turning Points. This message contains many humorous stories about the behavior of sheep and their shepherd based on Luke 15:3, and shows just how much God loves each one of us.
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Turning Points: Part 1 RSVP - Accepting the Invitation Senior Pastor Ken Jenson introduces his new series "Turning Points" with examples of how we can help others experience a new life through Jesus Christ by inviting them personally.
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24-7: Part 4 - When All Is Said and Done Jeff Stewart concludes his series "24-7:The Ongoing Process of Spiritual Transformation" with his final message "When All Is Said and Done". Jeff draws on analogies like unpaired socks, unexplained coat hangers and the song that never ends to describe our ongoing desire for resolution in our daily lives.
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24-7: Part 3 - Dissipating Shadow Pastor Jeff Stewart delivers part three of his series "24-7:The Ongoing Process of Spiritual Transformation" entitled "Dissipating Shadow". Joining Pastor Jeff is guest speaker Jim Moench, who provides a special testimony during the service.
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24-7: Part 2 - When I Grow Up Part 2 of Pastor Jeff Stewart's most recent series "24-7: The Ongoing Process of Spiritual Transformation" entitled "When I Grow Up". A special guest speaker, Laura Woltz, also shares her personal testimony of how she has been transformed over the last 12 years into a follower of Jesus.
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24-7: Introduction - A Heart to Know This message, "A Heart to Know" was delivered to the Northgate congregation on Saturday, July 1st, by Pastor Jeff Stewart. It is an introduction to a new series entitled "24-7: The Ongoing Process of Transformation"
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Love Life-Meeting Your Spouse's Needs This message entitled "Love Life - Meeting Your Spouses' Needs" was presented to Northgate Christian Fellowship on June 10th, 2006, in Benicia, CA, by Pastor Ken Jensen and his very special guest, his wife, Betty. This is one of the most popular recordings at Northgate in recent history, with many requests for a copy of Ken and Betty's message coming from those in attendance that day, and by those who wanted to share it with their friends. It is destined to become a classic.
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