24-7: Part 4 - When All Is Said and Done Jeff Stewart concludes his series "24-7:The Ongoing Process of Spiritual Transformation" with his final message "When All Is Said and Done". Jeff draws on analogies like unpaired socks, unexplained coat hangers and the song that never ends to describe our ongoing desire for resolution in our daily lives.
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24-7: Part 3 - Dissipating Shadow Pastor Jeff Stewart delivers part three of his series "24-7:The Ongoing Process of Spiritual Transformation" entitled "Dissipating Shadow". Joining Pastor Jeff is guest speaker Jim Moench, who provides a special testimony during the service.
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24-7: Part 2 - When I Grow Up Part 2 of Pastor Jeff Stewart's most recent series "24-7: The Ongoing Process of Spiritual Transformation" entitled "When I Grow Up". A special guest speaker, Laura Woltz, also shares her personal testimony of how she has been transformed over the last 12 years into a follower of Jesus.
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24-7: Introduction - A Heart to Know This message, "A Heart to Know" was delivered to the Northgate congregation on Saturday, July 1st, by Pastor Jeff Stewart. It is an introduction to a new series entitled "24-7: The Ongoing Process of Transformation"
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