Rediscovering Church What comes to mind when you hear the word "church"? The answers are probably as different as our own, personal experience. As a whole, the church has been involved in a lot of good in this world and, unfortunately, has also made its share of mistakes. Because the church is made up of people it will always be subject to human weakness but, by the power of God, it also holds onto the hope of transformation. "Rediscovering Church", this Sunday's message will look at the core values that define the church at it's best.
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Opening Doors Opportunities are sometimes described as "open doors". If someone is easily accessible they're said to have an "open door policy". But doors also carry a bit of risk. We're never really sure what lies on the other side of the door. That's where faith comes in. "Opening Doors", this weekend's message, will look at the accessibility, the opportunities and the steps of faith that are needed to enter into the life God has offered us.
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The Detours of Uncertainty Pastor Jeff Stewart delivers an insightful message based on Psalm 103:13-19. With just two weeks to go before moving to our new building, Pastor Jeff encourages us to be grounded in hope during uncertain times.
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Suburban Spirituality Part 4: Life Outside the Comfort Zone Part 4 in the series of messages by Ken Jensen in his series Suburban Spirituality. Entitled "Life Outside the Comfort Zone", this message centers around Hebrews 12:1-3. "God has called us, not to comfort and ease, but to adventure, purpose and meaning."
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Suburban Spirituality Part 3: Growing Through Your Disappointment Pastor Ken Jensen continues his Suburban Spirituality series with part 3, entitled Growing Through Your Disappointments. This message is based on Romans 8:18-39. "Disappointment, set-backs and frustration... you can't escape then but you can grow through them."
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