Tom Eggum - Hope 4 Kids International Tom Eggum, Founder and President of Hope 4 Kids International, was our guest speaker. Every year Tom brings us a challenging message that results in people signing up to travel with him to global locations where needy children receive compassionate ministry. Tom's visit this year was especially meaningful as 3 "Northgators" returned this week with Tom from Uganda. They included Pastor Ken Jensen, Cheryl Goodman and Donna Parker.
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Thanksgiving Day Service 2006 Special message for Thanksgiving day from Pastor Jeff Stewart.
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Lord of Heaven and Earth At Northgate Christian Fellowship, we do our best to teach the Godly principles found in the bible in applicable and relevant ways. But there are those times when we read something in the bible, where it becomes difficult to say: "This is what this means and this is what you should do." This is especially true when we simply ponder the full essence of who God is. That is what we will do this weekend in the message: "Lord of Heaven and Earth." Be ready, because there's plenty in such pondering that will challenge your life for the good.
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Say Grace If you're not in the habit of doing this, you've probably been at a meal where it has been done. Before those who've gathered begin to eat, someone offers to "Say Grace". It's a time where everyone stops what they're doing and listens to the person praying thank God for the food that all will enjoy. As we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, most of us pause and reflect on the good things we have. This week's message "Say Grace" challenges us to ponder what life would be like without all God has given to us and how humbly dependent we are on his provision.
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Rediscovering Servanthood There are few things more gratifying than knowing that you've made a difference. People will often give up their own comfort and make sacrifices of their time and energy if they know that it is going to tangibly help someone else. The great surprise is, that in bettering others we also become better. "Rediscovering Servanthood", this Sunday's message continues our series of studies, "Rediscovering Church" with a look at the positive impact generosity and compassion can have in the lives of others and in ourselves.
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