Hi Def Living: Re-defined Relationships Everyone in your life matters to God - even the "difficult" people. When we look at others through God's eyes we begin to recognize their eternal worth. God has placed us in relationships with others so that together we might learn to practice His love and extend His grace. "Re-Defined Relationships", this weekend's message continues our series, "Life In High Definition" with a look at how God uses others to to do his work in us and, in turn, uses us to accomplish his work in others.
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Hi Def Living: High Definition Dreams At three weeks into a new year no one knows yet what 2007 holds in store. We have dreams of a better life, a future and a hope. When our dreams line up with God's call they become more than "wishful thinking". They become powerful, God-honoring, life-directing visions. "High Definition Dreams" will examine how we can look to our future with confidence and hope knowing that God will be with us through it all.
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Hi Def Living: Defining Your Calling "Hi-Definition" seems to be the buzzword of our times. Everything from televisions to weather radars seem to come in "Hi-Def". What would a Highly Defined Life look like? Looking at life from a different perspective, with clarity, meaning and precision would be life as God intended. Rather than trying to change behaviors with New Year's resolutions, it is actively recognizing God's hand at work in your life and responding to Him. "High Def Living -Defining Your Calling", this Sunday's message begins our New Year's Series of studies, "Life In High Definition."
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Missionary Sharing Jesus made it clear. God loves all people of all nations and ethnicities. In his final words to his followers, Jesus entrusted that message to them in order that it would be carried out by their actions as well as their words. This weekend we welcome some very special guests who have taken that directive to heart; Michelle Kelly Sims, who works with abondoned children who are at risk in the nation of Romania and Mike & Jodi Bunn, with Mercy Air-Brazil. Mike is a float-plane pilot delivering medical support to indigenous people along the Amazon River.
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