When The Church Is At It's Best There are few organizations that have had as much positive effect AND negative effect in this world than the church. At it's worst, the church has been accused of hypocrisy, bigotry and self-righteous judgmentalism. But at it's best, the church provides a community of love, acceptance and forgiveness. Where people can come as they are, discover the love God has for them, and experience caring and supportive relationships that help nurture their spiritual growth. "When The Church Is At It's Best...", this weekend's topic will celebrate Northgate's 16th anniversary with a renewal of our purpose to be the church God designed us to be.
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Trouble with a Capital T If you're at all familiar with the 1960's Broadway Musical and Movie THE MUSIC MAN, you'll recognize the line WE'VE GOT TROUBLE WITH A CAPITAL T. The story behind THE MUSIC MAN has to do with a swindling traveling salesman who makes money by playing on the fears of people in a small Midwest town. This week's message, WITH A CAPITAL T will teach us how the fear of trouble can paralyze a follower of Christ from living in peace and fulfilling the purpose God intended for us in the world. We'll learn how Jesus often challenged us to not fear and to find peace in trusting him.
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Hi Def Living: Redefining Servanthood How do you define "greatness"? Typical answers usually include things like power, wealth, intelligence or prestige. Jesus said, "The greatest among you will be your servant." His words are challenging and powerful, but what gives his words such power is that he not only talked about serving, he actually served. "Redefining Servanthood", concludes our series, "Life In High Definition", this weekend with a look at what greatness looks like in God's eyes.
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Hi Def Living: Highly Defined Finances There are few things more personal, more difficult to manage and generate more stress in our lives than our finances. Though we live in one of the most affluent areas of the richest nation in the world we never seem to have enough. In a constant pursuit of "more" we never seem to be satisfied. Two thousand years ago, Jesus warned against such fleeting pursuits; "Don't store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal." He also taught, "One's life does not consist in the abundance of possessions." Such wisdom is not only applicable but necessary today. "Highly Defined Finances", continues our series, "Life In High Definition", this weekend with a look at what Jesus had to say about money, possessions and eternity.
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