Searching for Jesus Part 4: The Truth Revealer Jesus had a way of cutting through the smokescreens and getting to the heart of a matter. He not only came to reveal the truth about God he also came to reveal to us the truth about ourselves. "The Truth Revealer", this week's message continues our series, "Searching for Jesus", with a look at how truth may sometimes make us feel uncomfortable but it ultimately results in freedom.
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Searching for Jesus Part 3: The Compassionate Healer All four accounts of Jesus' life in the gospels are filled with emotional detail. Jesus was not a stoic walking unemotionally through life. He taught with humor in his stories, he shed tears at a friend's death and sighed deeply at his follower's unbelief. But most often, we are told, he was moved with compassion. The essence of Jesus' life was compassion, caring and understanding. And in that we see the heart of God. "The Compassionate Healer", continues our series, "Searching for Jesus", with a look at how the compassion of Jesus frees us from the need to hide our hurts and instead, find wholeness in body, spirit and soul.
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Searching for Jesus Part 2: Turning Tables We continue our series "Searching for Jesus." When searching, it doesn't take long to discover that Jesus challenged the status quo. According to Jesus' assessment, the Word of God had been turned into an instrument of death, rather than life. Simply stated, if God's truth doesn't bring change, it is not being engaged. This week's message, "Turning Tables", looks intently at the event of Jesus clearing the temple. We will see that what many misunderstand as "rage" was clearly consistent with what Jesus came to teach humanity about God's truth and a purposeful and meaningful life in Him.
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Searching for Jesus Part 1: He Calls Us To Follow He was the son of an insignificant handyman, in a backwater town, in a remote annex of the vast Roman Empire. Yet his life and teachings changed human history. No one can deny his impact on the world. Such a powerful figure cannot be dismissed. Whether you choose to follow him or not, you must at least listen to what he had to say. "Searching For Jesus", a new series of studies begin with the first installment, "The Jesus Who Calls Us To Follow".
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