Living the Free Life Part 3: Free to Trust Who do you trust? The answer to that question typically depends on how well you know someone. The more you know someone, and the more they've proven to be dependable, the more willing you'll be to trust them. It all comes down to relationships. "Free To Trust" continues our series, "Living The Free Life", with a look at the freedom we can experience when we get rid of religion and embrace a relationship with God.
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Living the Free Life Part 2: Free to Change Millions of dollars are spent every year on Self-Improvement. We buy books, try new diets, hire professional "coaches" and personal trainers all with the expectation that they will help us change our lives. More often than not we end up disappointed with the results. Will we ever really change? Can we experience real transformation or is it all just an illusive pursuit? "Free To Change", continues the series, "Living The Free Life", with a look at how real change happens.
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Living the Free Life Part 1: Free to Live The pursuit of freedom is at the very heart of what it means to be human. We long to live free but we are easily imprisoned. Our desires can trap us in addiction, our possessions can imprison us with worry, our past can enslave us with regret, and even our religion can become a prison of demands and expectations. "Free To Live", this week's study begins our new series of studies, "Living The Free Life", with a look at some of the traps that keep us from living in freedom.
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Searching for Jesus Part 6: Fully Alive Easter is not just an event to be commemorated once a year, nor is it simply the proof that Jesus was who he claimed to be. At it's heart, Easter is about life. The resurrection is God's invitation to each of us to come alive. It is about life at its fullest, lived the way we were always intended to live. "Fully Alive", this Easter's message concludes our series, "Searching for Jesus", with a look at the wonder, mystery and power of God to restore a life.
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Searching for Jesus Part 5: Jesus, the Master of Life Everything that Jesus taught and did was filled with life. The Gospel writers record in great detail how Jesus concerned himself with life in every respect -physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual LIFE. He knew what life was about and he came to bring that life, in all of its fullness, to us. "Jesus, The Master of Life", this message continues our series, "Searching for Jesus", looking at the life-giving promises and their impact on our lives today.
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