Life On The Vine-Part 1: Cultivating A Life Of Love Every culture has certain shared values, convictions and characteristics. Out of these grow the expectations that guide and shape the lives of the people in that culture. Jesus said, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." The distinguishing characteristic that should define those who follow Christ is love. So how can we cultivate this love in our lives and in our community? Cultivating A Life Of Love, begins a new series entitled, Life On The Vine; Cultivating Godly Character, with a look at the first of the characteristics that Christ grows in his followers.
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Fathers Day: A Fathers Legacy "What am I leaving my kids?" It's a good question for every father to ask himself from time to time. Beyond drafting a will or providing for their physical well-being, what are we fathers instilling deep within our children's souls? What things ought we provide and how can we provide them? A Father's Legacy, this Father's Day message takes a look at the important role of fathers and the heritage they can leave their children.
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Dealing with Doubt-Part 3: How Can There Be a Loving God? One question that overlaps every generation and culture is the one that interrogates the notion that God is loving. It's based on the pervasive presence of evil, suffering and death. This form of doubt is possibly the most readily used attack that the Bible's revelation of a caring God is erroneous. Those who use this appear to have a reasonable complaint: "Why doesn't God use His power to stop the evil, suffering, pain and death?" As we look at what the bible says about the relationship between knowledge and faith, we are challenged with the fact that our perspective can be distorted and that there are some bigger things to consider. How Can There Be a Loving God concludes and resolves the 4-week series Dealing With Doubt.
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Dealing with Doubt-Part 2: I Have... No Doubt! What causes us to doubt when we waver in our faith? According to what we learn in the bible, we are "tossed" around like sea waves. Is this where the word wavering comes from? This weeks message from special guest speaker Jim Mitchell continues our series Dealing with Doubt. I Have... No Doubt!...? will teach us that there are times where we must simply hold fast to our faith without "wavering".
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