Answering God-Part 2: How Long, O Lord? Nobody likes to wait. Whether it's long lines at the grocery store or being put "on hold" for the next available operator, waiting is never fun. Some waiting is even more distressing; the wait for a teen that is an hour late past curfew or waiting for results from a medical test. The higher the stakes, the harder it is to wait. Continuing our studies in the book of Psalms, Meeting God; Learning To Express Our Hearts, the topic is Waiting - How Long O Lord? Join us as together we learn how to keep trusting God when life doesn't make sense.
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Answering God-Part 1: Learning to Express Our Hearts How do you relate to a God whose goodness cannot be measured? How do you respond to such great love and mercy? How do you answer One who leaves you speechless? The Book of Psalms gives us the words. For centuries these inspired writings have provided us with honest expressions of the heart for every circumstance imaginable. While they are universal to the human condition they are also intensely personal to our individual experience. This new series of studies in the Psalms is entitled, Answering God; The first message is Learning To Express Our Hearts, beginning with Praise -From All That Is Within Me.
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Missing the Mark-Part 2: Escaping Snares We often say or hear "I'm hooked on _____" (fill in the blank). We use the phrase with some levity not realizing that addiction can easily cross into severity. Accompanying our human desire to find meaning and purpose in life is the trap of becoming enslaved and dependant on something that seems to compensate for pain and frustration, but is ultimately destructive. As this message concludes our brief series Missing the Mark, we will see how the Bible guides us toward purposeful life: Escaping Snares.
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Missing the Mark-Part 1: Evasive Target The church has had a shaky history of either overemphasizing or glossing over the topic of sin (with all its immediate and eternal consequences). The subject touches a nerve in every human being because we all suffer the malady of serving only ourselves and not really caring about God’s desires or the needs of others. Why are we afflicted in such a way? If we are serious about reading and learning what God has revealed in the bible, we cannot avoid being confronted with this universal problem. We will look at how sin is characterized and how God has taken the initiative to remedy our problem with a two-week series entitled: Missing the Mark with the message: “Evasive Target."
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