Faith in Action Part 4: Celebration, The Joy Of A Job Well Done Jesus once said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive.", yet we continue to live as though the opposite were true. He said, "The greatest among you will be your servant.", yet we continue to climb the ladder of ambition. Could it be we've got it all wrong? Is it possible that when we give thoughtfully and serve faithfully we will truly experience the greatest joy of all? "Celebration, The Joy Of A Job Well Done", continues our "Faith In Action" series this weekend as we look at the great delight that comes from joining in God's work.
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Faith in Action Part 3: Think Big But Start Small It is sometimes overwhelming when we look at the needs around us. "The needs are so great," we think, "and I have so little to offer. What difference can I possibly make?" and because we can't do the BIG thing we end up doing NOTHING. Jesus often took small stuff and did great things with it. He fed thousands with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. He taught his followers to be "faithful with little." and he used the example of a mustard seed to describe how a little faith can have a huge impact. "Think Big But Start Small", continues our "Faith In Action" series as we learn how to look at how God can take what little we have to offer and use it to do great things.
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Faith in Action Part 2: Perspective Seeing With God's Eyes We all have a lens through which we look at the world. Our "lens" influences how we see the people around us. It is colored by certain experiences, assumptions and judgments that we make on a regular basis. When Jesus looked at people he often saw them in a way that was quite different from the way others did. He always seemed to see with eyes of compassion. "Perspective, Seeing With God's Eyes", continues our "Faith In Action" series as we learn how to look at people as Jesus did so that we will better treat people as he did.
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Faith in Action Part 1: Detours, Delays and God's Direction Nobody likes detours. Detours send you out of your way, they put you on an unfamiliar route, they interrupt your schedule and they always take longer than the way you'd planned to go. We don't like detours in our driving and we don't like detours in our lives. But what if life's detours had a purpose? What if we looked at life's interruptions as opportunities? What if God were using the alternate routes that our lives sometimes take to point us in the direction that he wants us to go? These are the thoughts we're going to explore in this study,"Detours, Delays and God's Direction ", as Pastor Ken begin a new four week series, "Putting Our Faith Into Action."
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