Hope for Kids International:Guest Speaker Tom Eggum On Sunday, November 25th, we'll welcome back Tom Eggum, of Hope 4 Kids International. Tom talks about current H4KI projects in Romania, Peru and Uganda.
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Savory Feast You're going over your invitation list for Thanksgiving or any other event. As you consider those you would like to invite, what is a factor in whom you choose? Is it possible that you will invite those who have invited or will invite you to enjoyable events? This message, "Savory Feast", will probe one of the more challenging teachings of Jesus so we may learn what it means for us today. We'll discover that living as followers of Christ demands a willingness to bless others who may not be able to bless us.
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Precarious Abundance When Jesus taught about the "Kingdom of God" he challenged his listeners in very big ways to represent what God intended in the Law. There are many areas of the Law that address the proper use of resources to sustain human needs. We are urged to not hoard what God has blessed us with. This week's message, "Precarious Abundance", reflects on the meaning of Jesus' words and how a few lives at Northgate have recently been impacted by putting our faith into action.
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Faith in Action Part 5: Love God, Love People Jesus announced that the greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. He insisted that these were not two separate commandments but the dual expressions of one single commandment. Then he added, "all of the law and the prophets hang on this." If there is anything that we need to learn in this lifetime, it's this: Learn How To Love. "Love God, Love People", concludes our "Faith In Action" series this weekend as we learn to put into practice the loving grace of God.
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