4: Encouraging Each Other In a culture filled with criticism, fault-finding and blame a single word of encouragement can work wonders. And when our words of encouragement are coupled with action it can be life-giving. “Encouraging Each Other?, concludes our series "c Harmony.comm" with a look at practical, Biblical ways we can support each other.
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Category:Weekly Messages -- posted at: 8:00am PST 3: Restoring Broken Friendships Even the best of friends can have disagreements and differences, and sometimes hurt each other. That’s why we need to practice the fine art of forgiveness. “Restoring Broken Friendships?, this week's study, continues our series "c Harmony.comm" with a look at forgiveness.
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Category:Weekly Messages -- posted at: 8:00am PST 2: Authenticity-Honesty With Each Other In a family you can be yourself and know that you'll be loved. Openness, honesty and authenticity are the qualities needed for deeper relationships in our homes and in our church families. "Authenticity: Honest With Each Other", this weekend's study continues our series "c" with a look at how to build authentic relationships.
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Category:Weekly Messages -- posted at: 6:30am PST 1: Committed to Each Other One of the great myths of relationships is that the key is finding a "perfect match." The truth is that we never find that perfect match. The real key is making the commitments to each other that provide the foundation for deeper friendships. "Committed to Each Other" —beginning a message series titled "" focusing on church harmony.
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