Sex: Getting It Together Part 4 - Sexual Freedom Followers of Jesus Christ believe that he came to redeem the whole person— body, soul, and spirit. Christ has set us free from the distortions and compulsions that bring us harm. "Sexual Freedom" will explore how He has also set us free to love and embrace, to experience self-giving and unreserved intimacy.
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Sex: Getting It Together Part 3 - Distorted Sexuality Sexual desire may very well be the strongest of human urges. When that desire runs out of control it can leave a mass of heartache in its wake. How do we keep our sexuality in its proper place? "Distorted Sexuality" will explore how can we get back to sexual sanity.
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Sex: Getting It Together Part 2 - Setting Moral Boundaries Everyone has moral boundaries. Whether they have been well thought out or not, we all have certain lines which we will not cross when it comes to our sexual morals. But where do we draw the line? How far is too far? "Setting Moral Boundaries" will look at whether there is a reliable standard for setting those boundaries.
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Sex: Getting It Together Part 1 - It's God's Idea In a culture that uses sex to sell us everything from sports cars to breath mints it’s difficult to avoid the subject, yet it is seldom talked about in our churches. Our sexuality is a gift from God, designed to be enjoyed as the fulfillment of the intentional, committed relationship of marriage in which two become “one flesh”. "It's God's Idea" will look at what God had in mind when he created us as physical beings, male and female in His own image.
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