Change is Good Part 4: Changing How We Share A decision to follow Christ not only changes us, it changes they way we view those around us. Once you’ve experienced His life-changing power you just can’t keep it to yourself. It’s such good news you’ve just got to share it. But how can you share your faith without being “preachy”. How can you share it without being weird?
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Change is Good Part 3: Changing How We Serve Anyone who has volunteered their time and energy to helping others can tell you that they got back far more than they gave. The fulfillment that comes from serving others is life-changing. The old saying is true, “You make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give.”
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Change is Good Part 2: Changing How We Care Change happens best in a caring community. It’s within our closest, caring relationships that we find acceptance so we can be ourselves and be honest about our short-comings. It’s also within a caring community that we experience the encouragement, support and provision to grow. Where can we find such relationships and how can we better care for each other?
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Change is Good Part 1: Changing How We Connect Nothing can be more life-changing than an encounter with God. God loves us and longs for us to be connected with Him but it turns out that the biggest obstacle to such a connection is us. Our pride, negligence and hectic pace of life keep us from experiencing the love that God has for us. How can we live better connected to God?
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