Unsung Heroes: The Amazing Power of Grace 2 Samuel 9 (Mephibosheth) Grace is an amazing word. It holds so much promise and comfort, it offers hope and transformation to a broken world. It is God’s love for the undeserving and it is at the heart of the Christian faith. But what does it look like in action and, having received it, how do we now live in it?
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Extreme Makeover-Life Edition: Staying on Course / Finishing Well Nehemiah 8,13 One of the greatest pitfalls of success is complacency. When we’ve experienced a measure of success it is tempting to rest on our past and lose sight of our future. But God’s vision for our lives is eternal and while we are still on this earth there will always be room to grow and expand with God. The Big Idea: Under Nehemiah’s leadership the task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem was completed. But God had a greater purpose. He wasn’t as interested in rebuilding walls as he was in rebuilding His people.
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Extreme Makeover-Life Edition: Speed Bumps, Detours and Road blocks Nehemiah 4,5&6 A vision worth pursuing will demand leaving what is comfortable and taking on challenges that will make us uncomfortable. To fulfill God’s will for our lives we will often have to deal with all kinds of obstacles in our way. But through them God builds our character, refines our vision and stretches our faith. The Big Idea: Nehemiah had to deal with all kinds of distractions. He had to deal with outside opposition, internal conflicts and personal attacks. As he dealt with each of these his vision and resolve grew even stronger. Knowing how to handle discouragement and distractions is key for living out our calling.
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Extreme Makeover-Life Edition: Enlisting the Help of Others “Enlisting The Help Of Others” – Nehemiah 2:11-4:6 Life-transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens with the help of others who care and encourage us along the way. It happens when we share our hopes with those who are willing to invest in our lives.
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Extreme Makeover-Life Edition: Seeing Things as They Could Be Many fail at their New Year’s Resolutions because it’s a piece-meal approach to change. Patching up minor character flaws or making little behavioral adjustments tend to fail because they don’t see the bigger picture. What’s needed is a personal vision of what God can do in and through our lives. The Big Idea: Nehemiah was moved by a need. His concern moved him to prayer and through prayer to a conviction that God had called him to be part of the solution. God used his circumstances and position to prepare Nehemiah for the work He had for him.
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