Man vs Wild: Releasing Your Wild Man 1Kings 2:1-4; 1Chron 22:11-16 Solomon and David Being successful husband and father today requires clear focus and a desire to keep going no matter what. Sometimes you just need some encouragement from those closest to you. Knowing what natural abilities God blessed you with can help give you a direction for your life that will let you be successful in your endeavors. This is the final message in the Man vs Wild series delivered in March 2009.
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Man vs Wild: The Finish is More Important than the Start John 21: 1 - 22 (Peter's challenge) We have all made mistakes. We have all said or done something that caused problems in our lives. But we have to remember that where we finish is way more important than where we start. Together, we’ll look at a story in the bible where a man is given a second chance. Do you believe in second chances?
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Man vs Wild: Leading Sometimes Means You Stand Out Matthew 3: 1 - 12 (John the Baptist) When a man takes a stand as a follower of Christ, it sometimes means that you stand out from the crowd. This can make you feel uncomfortable, and that you are on your own. John the Baptist had to deal with the same leadership issues. We are going to take a look at his story, and see what his life shows us about leading in our own wilderness. Are you ready to be a leader? Are you ready to stand out?
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Man vs Wild: Time to Stop Running “Time to Stop Running!” 2 Samuel 23: 11 - 12 (Shammah) There comes a point in every man’s life where he says, “No More!” It’s a moment when he decides he is not going to commit the sins of his father, he is not going to be a failure as a husband or dad, and he is not going to live a life of fear in his relationships. Today is the day that we see what God wants for us in this area, and we say, “No More!” Where are you when it comes to the relationships in your life?
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Man vs Wild: Don't Wait, Get in the Fight 2 Samuel 23: 20 - 23 (Benaiah) We’ve made having a relationship with Christ simple and sanitary, but it should be the exact opposite. When it comes to being a follower of Christ, we need men that are going to rush into the fight, and not sit and wait on the sidelines anymore. What is keeping you from getting into the fight?
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