God Is Great: Part 3 - God Is Greater Than My Confusion

(Mark 14:17-31) Can your trust God when everything is falling apart? Can you maintain faith when all that you have believed in seems to have been a false hope? Is God great enough to carry you through your most confusing circumstances? The answer to each of these questions is "Yes, you can." 

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God Is Great: Part 2 - How Great is Your God?

(Judges 6:11-16, 25-32, 36-40; 7:1-8, 15-22)  The way we live and the risks of faith we are willing to take are the result of the “greatness” of our God. If we live with a “shrunken” God we will be plagued by fear and anxiety, we will worship without awe, pray without faith and suffer without hope. Our problem is that most of us have a God who is too small.

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God Is Great: Part 1 - The Great Creator

(Psalm 19:1-4, Genesis 1&2, Acts 17:24-28) The Bible tells us that God created the universe, the earth and every living thing we see around us. You can see evidence of God’s creation in the wonder of nature all around us, the universe that expands beyond our comprehension, even in the beauty of a tiny baby. The one and only Holy God who created billions of stars and all we see around us loves each one of us, personally. God alone is the great creator.

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The Game of Life Part 6: Words of the Wise

(Proverbs & James) There is little disagreement among most adults that our words carry tremendous power. They can be used either to encourage or to hurt others. For example, gossip is something we are all tempted to engage in. But in reality we should recognize that when we participate in gossip, someone is about to be hurt by our words.

This message, "Words of the Wise", is the concluding message for the series entitled the Game of Life. 

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