Miracles of Jesus-Part 4: Now I Can See

(John 9:1-38) Have you ever had a God moment that challenged the "theology‟ you thought you knew? Jesus healed a blind man on the Sabbath and in doing so demonstrated to everyone that God wants to make a person whole and that He is not concerned with the day or the manner in which he does it. This is truly a revolutionary concept to those in Jesus' day who were not allowed to work at all on the Sabbath, regardless whether it was trivial or a miracle.

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Miracles of Jesus-Part 3: Storms Happen

(Matthew 14:25-32) Jesus challenged his disciples in many ways, not the least of which was his encounter with them on the lake. They were not accustomed to seeing someone walking on water. Then he challenged Peter even more by calling to him to join him on the water. This would require real courage and faith on Peter's part to leave what he knew (the boat) to join God's calling. Living a rewarding life in Christ may often call us to uncomfortable situations. We need to answer that call with faith and trust in the one who is able to give us real meaning in life.

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Miracles of Jesus-Part 2: What Do You Really Want?

(John 5:1-15) Jesus sees your need, and He says to you, "Do you want to be made well?" (or whole). You may have excuses why you are not whole. But that is no problem to Jesus. He can make you whole immediately! But He may ask you to do something that seems impossible, just like He asked the man who could not walk to get up and walk, and even carry his bed! 


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Miracles of Jesus-Part 1: The Power of Joy

(John 2:1-11) The Bible provides many insights into the miracles Jesus performed during the time when he walked among us. However, it is sometimes hard to accept them at face value, especially when they can't be explained using today's science.

The first message in the series "The Miracles of Jesus" helps us understand the importance of one of Jesus' first miracles where he turned the water at a wedding into wine. But that was only the beginning of a call for us to experience the power of joy in our lives.

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