The Me I Want To Be-Part 2: Renewing My Mind

Taking control of our thoughts is critical to renewing our mind. You have the ability to decide what you retain in your daily thoughts and what you let pass through. Dwelling on things that are positive can change your entire outlook and help take you in a direction where God is honored in all we do.

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The Me I Want To Be-Part 1: Discovering The Spirit

(John 7:37-39) There is a person God designed you to be, a life He longs for you to live. It is life in the flow of His Holy Spirit. For five weeks, April 18 - May 23, all Community Groups are studying John Ortberg's newst book - The me I want to be.  The studies are contained in the Participants' Guide, available at the Information Center or from on-line vendors. 

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Miracles of Jesus-Part 6: Delays, Disappointments and Dead Ends

(John 11:1-44) We are all too anxious to have God answer our prayers on our terms and under our time frames. Just because we may experience disappointment because God may seem silent to us, it doesn't mean He doesn't care about us or our situation We just don't see the whole picture. The story of how Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave illustrates this very principle.

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Miracles of Jesus-Part 5: This Changes Everything

(Acts 2:22-39) Easter is not a celebration of God. Nor is it a celebration of Jesus. It is a celebration of a significant event; the resurrection of Jesus. It is an event that not only forms the foundation of Christianity and our faith in the miracle of Jesus Christ, but it also has the power to transform a persons life. This one solitary but incredibly important event in history... changes everything.

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