Mercy Air Brazil: Mike and Jodi Bunn

Special guests Mike and Jodi Bunn share about their lives serving as missionaries in Brazil. They also bring a compelling message based on key passages from Luke 10 and from the book of Acts where the disciples are sent out as missionaries by Jesus to the region of Samaria. 

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Renew-Part 5: ReStore

(Psalm 51) We're all familiar with the battle of temptation and what it's like to fail. But God does more than forgive... He restores.

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Renew-Part 4: ReLinquish

(Psalm 131) We often have difficulty knowing where the boundaries are between God's role and ours in our daily lives. We like to have things our way in almost all areas in our life except when it's obvious that we need God's help in some aspect of our life. Maybe instead of saying "God, I love you... but could you just do this for me...", we should just try saying "God, I love you..."

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Renew-Part 3: ReSound

(Psalm 47) Praise cannot be done in silence. By it's nature praise has to be expressed out loud, and the louder the better. True worshippers worship with Abandon, with Awe, and with Assurance.

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