(2 Cor 5:11-21) There is nothing more compelling that love. And the most compelling love of all is God's love revealed in Christ.

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(2 Cor:4) Every church, every Christian experiences pressures and challenges. In Christ we find a resiliency beyond ourselves.

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(2 Cor 2:17-3:19) II Cor 5:20 calls us to be ambassadors for Christ. Only when you understand how to be “Real” toward others can you live out the Christian life in a way others can relate to.

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True Vine Ministries In Uganda

(Acts 3) By Faith in Jesus, can you make a difference. Special guest pastor Wilbur Sigombe of True Vine Ministries in Uganda brings  short message from the book of Acts 3 before taking part in an interactive question and answer period with Pastor Ken about his life and his work in Uganda.

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Jesus Goes Where No One Goes

(Mark 5:1-20) Jesus was not afraid to go into situations where no one else would venture. He did not avoid the difficult situations, including when he and his disciples were confronted with a demon possessed man who claimed his name was Legion. Jesus set this man free from his affliction and at the same time demonstrated his power over the evil one. 


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