(Daniel 3) 

Daniel 3 describes how Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down to King Bebuchadnezzars golden image since that would have compromised their faith in the one true God. They were sentenced to die for their disobedience. But in the extremely stressful situation, things did not turn out the way the King expected them to. 

When we face stressful situations in our daily life, we need to remember that others are watching us to see how we manage the stress. Do we act like everyone else might? Or do we have something more to draw on? God may not chose to remove stress from our lives, but He will always be there with us as we go through it. 

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(Jonah 2:9-10)

Do you think God would place stressful situations in your life? Or do you think that a God of love, in his Grace, just wants us to have joy and peace... that stress comes from somewhere else? This weeks message touches on these and other questions that we may wrestle with when stress enters our life.

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(Matthew 6:25-34)

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus provided valuable insight about the cause, futility and remedy for stress (or worry). He was teaching his new followers true and practical ways to righteous life, often contrasting them with worldly or religious norms. In this passage he addressed stress as it relates to material things. 

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(Mark 4:35-41) 

Stress often shows itself when we lose control during certain situations. It can also be seen as the difference between what we think should happen and reality.

Mark tells us about Jesus' demonstration of divine power over nature by calming a storm on the Sea of Galilee. His disciples were in high stress and needed some calming of their own. 

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