(Luke 1&2) 

Luke begins writing his gospel after having "carefully investigated everything from the beginning", which means he did his homework. He interviewed eyewitnesses, he followed leads, he talked with those who actually experienced Jesus' life among them. Likely, he interviewd Mary, the mother of Jesus. How else would he know such detail of how she felt & what she thought at the time. One of the things he discovered about Mary is that she thought a lot about these things and their implications. Mary's song gives us a hint at the things she pondered. 

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If we are to become whole-hearted followers of Jesus, we really need to get to know the Jesus we are following.

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This years's trip to Uganda In early August 2012 forever changed the lives of the 18 people that went. Many left with no real idea what it would be like to meet the people of the villages Northgate supports through the sponsorship of children who are in real need and in the building of new wells that now supply clean water to many nearby villages through the efforts of Hope for Kids, International. A number of those who went are featured on this recording as they recall some of the many ways God revealed himself to them on their trip.

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Quite often when we read stories in the Old Tetament we tend to skip over seemingly unimportant details because we can't quickly understand them. In this important message, Pastor Jesse Peterson challenges us to dive deeper into the pool of understanding when it comes to the Old Testament. Often it simply comes down to putting the passages through the dual lens of Covenants and Context. 

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