(Galatians 1&2)

The need for approval can imprison us to other people's opinions and expectations. But God's grace can set us free.

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(Ephesians 4, Colossians 3)

Forgiveness, surrendering my right to get even, may be the toughest thing to give up. But it is also the most liberating.

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(Luke 5:1-11) 

We are often bombarded with all kinds of thoughts that either build us up or cause us to question all kinds of things about ourselves. We need tot try and recognize these messages as either God inspired or subtle lies that cause us to question our abilities, service and effectiveness.

The story of Simon the fisherman is one that Pastor Larry Davis uses to illustrate the many things that must have gone through his mind when Jesus met him on the shore one day, asking to use his boat. What happened next was something we can all learn from. 

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(Jeremiah 29 & 32)

We talk a lot about faith but just as vital to our lives is hope. It's hope that keeps us reaching forward to a better future.

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(2 Kings 19:1-19)

Life is filled with difficult challenges that we were never intended to face alone. Challenges provide the opportunity to grow our faith and deepen our trust in God.

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