To love everybody always we'll need to change the way we look at people and learn to see them through the eyes of love. 

Message delivered by Ken Jensen. 

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(Luke 10:27-37)

Pastor Larry Davis kicks off a new series, "Everybody Always", with a humous look at things you might consider unrelated, like loopholes and neighbors. Larry challenges us to reconsider how we see those around us to mirror the way Christ sees them. 

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Special guest speaker, Steve Carter, brings the Believe series to a close with a very relevant message on the topic of Humility.

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Pastor Larry Davis introduces a very special guest who delivers the next message in the Believe series on the subject of Gentleness... Getting Power Under Control. Karl Romeus, the student ministry director at Bayside Church in Roseville, brings his unique sense of humor and style to a very relevant topic that is sure to keep your attention. 

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