Northgate counts it a blessing to be able to support numerous missionary organizations around the world. Representatives from several of these groups visited the church to share stories of how Northgate's financial partnership with them has made it possible for them to continue their critical work.

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(Ephesians 2:11-22)

Northgate welcomes returning guest speaker, Steve Carter. Steve continues the series 'Everybody Always' with a very pointed and instructive message on how we tend to carry a 'backpack' full of old wrongs that hold us back from being the kind of person God desires us to be. We need to find effective ways to release our old hurts in order to love those who wrong us. 

Message delivered by Steve Carter.

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(James 5:1-5)

Pastor Larry Davis presents a challenging message on ways to change your perspective so you can align your generosity with the way God intends you to see it. In it you can find ways to let your bucket of blessings overflow into the lives of others so that you have more room in your bucket to let God refill it. Then just repeat the cycle. 

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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(Acts 9,11 & 15)

Everybody messes up sometime. And it's in those times that they are most in need of the assurance that they are loved. 

Message delivered by Ken Jensen

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