Paul's letter to the Philippians church is his most personal. Written from prison, under the threat of execution, he shares with them some of his final thoughts. 

As 2018 draws to a close, this message is especially personal. It is Pastor Ken Jensens last official message as the senior pastor at Northgate as he will be retiring on December 31st. Sharing from his heart, Ken encourages the church to continue growing in love and generosity, and to keep on making a difference in the lives of all who come through the doors of the church. 

Message delivered by Ken Jensen. 

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Through the family that God chose for Jesus' entrance into humanity, God was giving a picture of hope. 

Message delivered by Ken Jensen. 

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Pastor Larry Davis explores how to best experience the coming Advent season with insights into what Advent means, how we should focus on what's important and how to get your family involved in the observance. Hint: it might take some bribery. 

Message delivered by Larry Davis. 

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(Luke 2:36-38)

Northgate welcomes special guest Jared Wilkins to the church. With a passion for sharing from the heart, Jared describes ways to manage the wild swings of joy and disappointment in our lives.  

Message presented by Jared Wilkins.

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