Jon White brings the current series "From Heaven to Earth" to a close with an entertaining and informative message on the role religion can play in our lives. It can be used as a powerful motivator for some when it is applied correctly. But for others, it can also can be used as a weapon that can turn people against the church.

Message delivered by Jon White. 

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Pastor Larry Davis continues in the From Heaven to Earth series with a message about how Jesus elevates the dignity of the individual. 

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis draws from the 9th chapter of the book of John to bring a very unique retelling of the blind man who received sight from Jesus. The discussion that followed between this man and the religious leaders who wanted to find out what had happened is the focus of Pastor Larry's message. Through this encounter we are encouraged to simply begin believing God and his Word, and be willing to take a step forward in your faith even before we have ALL the answers.

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis kicks off the new series "From Heaven to Earth" with some reflections from the book of John. Larry encourages us to take some time this week, read one of the gospels and look for all the ways you can learn about the Father (God) from the Son (Jesus). 

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis brings to a close the current series of messages about how to manage the money beast. This week Larry presents several ways you can change your priorities so that you can reorder how you Live, Save and Give from a Godly perspective, which transforms us into managers, not owners, of our money.

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis delivers the third message in the Life-Money-Legacy series. In it he challenges us all to remember that Jesus does not want your money, he wants your heart. Putting your finances in perspective and getting control of it is crucial to living a full life centered on Jesus. 

Message presented by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis presents a number of key observations of how you can avoid becoming a slave to debt as he continues in the new series Life-Money-Legacy. In this weeks message Larry provides some practical lessons on how you can learn to manage the money God gives you so that it can free you to live a generous life later.

Message presented by Larry Davis. 

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Pastor Larry Davis begins a new series with a great message on the topic of finances. He provides examples of how you can apply simple, biblically-based truths to your finances that will create a legacy that will over time change your life, the life of your family and possibly even the life of others... all in the name of Christ.

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Bringing closure to the seven part series Killing the Spider, husband and wife team Katherine and Jay Wolf (Hope Heals) bring an incredibly emotional message of hope when all seems lost.

Anger is one of the most common reactions to events that bring chaos and pain into our lives. In 2008, Katherine experienced a life-threatening brain stem stroke just months after giving birth to their first son. What followed was a series of miracles that allowed her to live, but ended any chance of following the plans they were going to pursue. Instead of a new career in Law for Jay, and the hopes of making it big as a model in LA for Katherine, the family would instead spend the majority of their lives learning to lean on God for their every need.

Katherine and Jay share some very intimate stories of their journey that is still far from over. Northgate is very honored to have them as guest speakers for the Killing the Spider series.

Message given by Jay and Katherine Wolf. 


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With one week left before the Killing the Spider series comes to a close, Jon White brings a timely message on the topic of Gluttony. It's not what you might think. Jon explores numerous variations on this subject and offers some ideas on how to kill it off with a lifestyle focus change. 

Message delivered by Jon White. 

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Pastor Larry Davis brings some very timely and relevant insights to a potentially touchy subject... Lust. Using humorous stories that can help you see a parallel between lust and appetites, Pastor Larry delivers a message  that everyone should relate to as the series of Killing the Spider enters its 5th week.

Message delivered by Larry Davis. 

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This week the web of misguided behaviors continues to expand within the "Kill the Spider" series. This week Pastor Larry Davis offers insights and recommendations on the a topic that afflicts each of us... Envy. 


Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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To effectively kill the spider, it often means examining all areas of your life where you may lose sight of God and his people. This week, Jon White points out a number of ways that slothfulness can separate you from the various interactions that matter most in God's community. 

Message delivered by Jon White.

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Drawing from the passages in John 8:1-11, Pastor Larry Davis continues in the current series, Killing the Spider, with a look at how Greed can work its way into your life, especially as it manifests itself through self righteousness.

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis kicks off the new series, Killing the Spider, with a look at the ways Pride can take over your life and infest your relationships.

Message delivered by Larry Davis. 

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