Pastor Larry Davis draws from the 9th chapter of the book of John to bring a very unique retelling of the blind man who received sight from Jesus. The discussion that followed between this man and the religious leaders who wanted to find out what had happened is the focus of Pastor Larry's message. Through this encounter we are encouraged to simply begin believing God and his Word, and be willing to take a step forward in your faith even before we have ALL the answers.

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis kicks off the new series "From Heaven to Earth" with some reflections from the book of John. Larry encourages us to take some time this week, read one of the gospels and look for all the ways you can learn about the Father (God) from the Son (Jesus). 

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis brings to a close the current series of messages about how to manage the money beast. This week Larry presents several ways you can change your priorities so that you can reorder how you Live, Save and Give from a Godly perspective, which transforms us into managers, not owners, of our money.

Message delivered by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis delivers the third message in the Life-Money-Legacy series. In it he challenges us all to remember that Jesus does not want your money, he wants your heart. Putting your finances in perspective and getting control of it is crucial to living a full life centered on Jesus. 

Message presented by Larry Davis.

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Pastor Larry Davis presents a number of key observations of how you can avoid becoming a slave to debt as he continues in the new series Life-Money-Legacy. In this weeks message Larry provides some practical lessons on how you can learn to manage the money God gives you so that it can free you to live a generous life later.

Message presented by Larry Davis. 

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